Thursday, April 10, 2014

Catching up

I'm working lots of hours on the book, and I can't bring myself to write a real blog post. But once a week or so, I have posted on Facebook, and it occurs to me that you might enjoy one or more of these short items. I have used both photos as my profile picture lately. 

March 19:
Somebody stole my shoes last night. Actually, we saw the guy; he came off the street into the dance studio and pretended to be interested in something. Then he dropped a piece of paper on the floor, and while down there (on the other side of a half-wall) he stuck my athletic shoes in his jacket before leaving.

We tap-dancing ladies were so busy being polite! Sheesh. I had to walk to my car in tap shoes; it was both snowy and slippery but two classmates in real shoes offered a helping hand. I hope somebody out there is making good use of their sturdy new brown suede New Balance athletic shoes. 

March 27:
The kids and grandkids do lots of reading together, recently including Lord of the Rings. Augie applied the story to what he was learning in science class. "The red blood cells are like the Gondorians, defending their home. The bacteria are like the orcs attacking Gondor. The medicine is like the Riders of Rohan coming to the rescue."

A drawing by ViMae
March 11:
At Christmastime, Peter Boehm ("Pa") wears a Santa hat, grows out his white hair and beard, and wears red sweaters. Schoolmates often ask our grandkids whether their grandfather is Santa. Today he handed Vi his iPhone so she could see a photo he'd just taken. Ever curious, she wheeled back through old photos. Suddenly she saw a shot of me holding a pink princess dress...just like the one she got from Santa. She studied it, checking every detail, and then said, "Hmm, I guess Pa really is Santa." Oops. Our explanation: We sent the photo to Santa so he'd know what to bring.

April 7:
Grandkids came back Friday from their spring break trip, and they are still bouncing with joy! They visited a great-grandma and other relatives, climbed to the top of a lighthouse, collected shells on an ocean beach, and discovered that New York has great pizza, bagels, and Chinese food! As they tell us these things, they are jumping up and down and interrupting one another to list more good stuff. And they ran smiling into school this morning. Such fun to be part of their lives.


stephen Hayes said...

How great that your grandchildren would run smiling into school. They must be leading happy lives.

Pauline Persing said...

Glad to see a blog from you. Sounds like you have been keeping yourself busy. Your grandchildren remind me of mine back when they were young.

Midlife Roadtripper said...

I love your grandkid's report. How fun is that.

As to tap shoes - I took tap a few years back. My mom would come visit and she was so much better than me. Hmm. My friend went on to Tap 2 and the teacher told me that perhaps I should redo Tap 1 or consider another venture. Hmm.

Far Side of Fifty said...

What a bum to steal shoes in the winter in Minnesota. I suppose he will sell them.
I keep imagining you busy working on the book, I hope it is going great!
Good to hear some tidbits from you! :)

Jenny said...

That's unreal about your shoes. I'm happy to see you back on your blog. What is your book? xo Jenny

DJan said...

One of my hiking friends fell when she walked onto a regular floor in her tap shoes. Broke her wrist! So I'm glad to know you made it home all right. I love imagining your beautiful grands bouncing into school. And thanks for the post. I always love to see you pop up in my reader. :-)

Grandmother Mary said...

Oh, yay- you're back! Missed you and I like what you did in sharing your FB posts. My granddaughter also figured out who Santa is this year and was very matter of fact about it. NYC is an amazing city and my grands also loved it on their visits. My jaw dropped at the comparison Augie came up with linking his science class with Lord of The Rings. Smart. Keep on dancing anyway and believe someone needed your shoes more than you.
p.s. Are you and the kids loving the new d'vale egg game?

Jeanie said...

I love every single one of these short items -- and it's so good to see you here. But how awful -- what a creep to steal people's shoes right from dance class! And adorable about Santa!

Such a nice catch up. Maybe I need to find you on FB?!

Sally Wessely said...

Thanks for the catch up. I've been wondering about you. This was a great idea for writing a quick post.

I can't believe some people. Stealing shoes! I'm glad you still have your dancing shoes. Keep it up. I hope the writing is progressing as you hoped it would.

Pearl said...

Well that just makes me mad!! Someone came into a dance studio specifically because he knew there were shoes to steal!

I hope he needed them.

Might be time to move where the shoes are removed/stored. Now that this guy has a pair, he may be off telling his buddies...


Indigo Roth said...

Hey Nancy! I love Augie's analogy! Indigo x

troutbirder said...

Great update. Thanks. Somewhere me and spouse have missed the Facebook phenomena but then in some ways I think were more 20th century people...:)

Anonymous said...

pretty nice blog, following :)

Marie Loerzel said...

Seriously? Who steals shoes? That's hilariously pathetic.


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