Sunday, February 13, 2011

Not just for ballet anymore

Ballet tutus are all the rage. Little girls wear them everywhere, and makers of kids' clothes now fashion tutu skirts for daily wear. A year ago, I bought one for ViMae at Target for a dollar or two. Then I made an elaborate one (which, it turned out, was so poofy that it ends up a twisted mess). She got a couple of different ones for Christmas. And now, ta-da, a tutu swimsuit! Her mommy couldn't resist. If I'd seen it first, I couldn't have resisted, either.

So here she is, modeling it at swim class, accessorized with the cast she is wearing to immobilize a broken foot. Did that stop her from swimming? Not a bit. The cast is waterproof, and it doesn't slow her down much, in water or on dry land. And yes, she really does have a left arm; she's just reaching back to adjust her tutu.  (I stole this photo from her mom's site because I couldn't resist.)


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