Friday, October 2, 2009

Peter and the Wolf

So one day Augie stands up his guitar and bows it with a drumstick. "What are you playing?" "I'm playing the cello part to 'Peter and the Wolf.'" Not only that, he sings a pretty faithful version of Peter's theme. By the next day, he is trying also to play the bass and violin, since Peter's theme is played by all the strings. He can identify all the other parts, but he doesn't have a clarinet, oboe, or bassoon. Yet.

My computer hates me

I got a new, more powerful computer for Christmas, and I really enjoyed how much faster everything worked. Until July, when suddenly the hard drive quit. Got a new one, which worked fine until yesterday, when it quit again. Possibly a virus this time; the computer shop is restoring as much as they can. I back up everything to an external drive, but I won't know until next week whether that is also infected. Aarrgghh. We have five other computers in this house, but I WANT MINE! Seriously, I feel so dispossessed I can't believe it. Time to start a new, non-computer project to keep my mind off it.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Anniversary... my wonderful husband, who has taught me to take an occasional risk, enjoy life's little moments, and "know what you want." Orchids, a great dinner last night, and wonderful brunch at The St. Paul Hotel today, while planning a trip to celebrate our 25th anniversary next year. Our last trip was to New York for his mom's funeral in April. We got to Manhattan one windy day, and took a series of photos to parallel Curious George's adventures in The Big City.

That last one is called "Trouble on the Big Board." If you know Curious George, you'll know the story. If not, you're already thinking, "Don't these people have a life?" (Yes we do, and we love it.)


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