Saturday, August 25, 2012

One reason I am a blissed-out grandma

Each day when we're together, ViMae asks, "Do you want to play Mom and Kid?" "Of course," I say, and suddenly I am The Kid. I have no actual kid name, and my age varies from one to ten. It is often Kid's birthday, a good excuse for a play tea party.

In fact, we can play anything just the way we usually do, except periodically Vi says something in her Mom character and I respond in kind.

A couple of weeks ago we were playing with Play-Doh, feathers, and pipe cleaners, and she carried on a long conversation with her bird/Princess Leia creation. Seeing the nice light, I grabbed my camera and snapped away. She pretended not to notice.

When she was done playing and I stopped shooting, she asked innocently, "What were you doing, Kid?" I'm pretty sure she knew. And now I'm sharing.


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