Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pearly days

We are in the midst of at least two weeks of glorious weather in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Sunny, pleasantly warm, highs in the 70s and low 80s--a string of ideal late-September pearls. 

This is the kind of day that inspires hope for a long, mild, blazing-orange autumn. The kind of day that starts us planning a long drive in the countryside to admire the fall colors--which will be a little late this year, we're told. The kind of day that makes us think maybe this year we'll get the whole garden properly put to bed before the ground freezes. The kind of day that prompts me to make another batch of iced tea and to put off thoughts of making soup, or chili.

Things don't look spectacular--summer flowers are about gone, greenery is turning brown, fall colors, as I mentioned, will be late. But sunshine and warmth are everything. Sleeping with the windows wide open? Amazing. Sitting here at the computer with summer-like breezes wafting in? Totally seductive.

In fact, something about this better-than-seasonable weather has made me put aside most of my to-do list and just soak it in. We have picked up the kids after school a couple of times each week and sat at the playground while they run and climb and laugh, and each time we think, "This could be the last time they go barefoot this season." We sip iced tea in the garden and think, "This could be the end of tee-shirt weather."

So that's the other side of the conflict that takes place in the mind of a Minnesotan. Enjoy today, because tomorrow will be cold and horrible. Or maybe, just maybe, this lovely weather will last a while.

In any case I've been enjoying it, and my to-do list has come up a bit short. Which is my excuse for not posting in almost three weeks. Some people get spring fever; I think I have fall fever.

Oh, and my computer malfunctioned last week and had to be repaired. I just realized I can't post any pictures until I move my files around again. So I'm limited to words for a while.

I hope whatever season you're in is an enjoyable one.


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