Saturday, February 25, 2012

I am sick and tired...

...of being sick and tired. I'm in my second week of being at least a little sick, and my second consecutive Saturday of being really miserable. With apologies to my blog friends who have real, serious issues (cancer, head trauma from a fall, debilitating chronic conditions, or illness and loss in their families), I just have to rant a little.

In early February, the grandkids started getting sick. Augie had a sinus infection, Vi an ear infection and a nasty double-action stomach bug, and they took turns having double pink eye. These maladies usually began at night, maximizing loss of sleep for the kids and their parents.

Peter and I had it easier: we monitored symptoms, dispensed meds, dialed down the activities when appropriate, and made sure everyone washed their hands. Repeatedly. Apparently that wasn't enough.

About two weeks ago I got a sore throat, which over time did a great imitation of swollen glands, ear ache, even sinus pain. On Thursday I thought it had finally gone. Friday it was back with a vengeance.

Meanwhile, remember that double-action stomach bug? Yeah, that hit me last weekend in addition to the throat thing. Hooray, it only lasted 24 hours. Boo, it was followed by two days of fatigue. Double boo, it, or a variation, is back again today.

I have three very pleasant, positive stories I want to tell you in this space. I even accidentally posted an incomplete draft of one yesterday. But none of those stories is ready, and I can't manage to make it so. They'll have to wait a bit.

Don't feel sorry for me...I've done enough of that. I just needed to explain my absence, and maybe whine a little. I feel better already.


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