Sunday, February 28, 2010

I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty

..."Representing the United States of America, gold medalist BLissed-Out Grandma." I mount the medal stand and bend down so the prince of Monaco can place the medal around my neck. I free my flowing blond locks--er, dangly earrings--from the ribbon and accept the understated green bouquet. I sing along to the Star-Spangled Banner (does nobody do that any more?), wipe a tear, then wave jubilantly to the cheering crowd.

* snap *

Okay, I'm back from my Olympic daydream to tell you about a different award, bestowed upon me by the lovely Allyson at Magnolias and Mimosas. I feel like a "glob" today, but let's focus on the "gorgeous" part instead. Thank you, thank you. I'm passing this award to Ms Sparrow, one of my very first followers, who often sees the beauty in things but sometimes needs to be reminded of her own!

Speaking of beauty, here is Mr. March from Maine. Specifically, he is Bernie Lontine, who promises "coverage for everything" through his insurance agency. The calendar is produced by the Greater York Region Chamber of Commerce and supports area nonprofits. It came to me through a giveaway by Eva at Wrestling with Retirement.

And speaking of Olympic daydreams, I am a little sad to see the winter games end. The figure skating--my major reason for setting up in front of the TV--was fabulous. The skiing and snowboarding and speedskating ranged from amusing to amazing. The Opening Ceremonies had that stunning k. d. lang rendition of "Hallelujah," and the Closing Ceremonies had--huh? William Shatner? Okay, they had some lame moments, but you gotta love that they opened by making fun of the torch malfunction during the Opening Ceremonies! With a mime pretend-pulling the missing part of the torch up out of the ground! The Canadians have a great sense of modesty and humor. And I want their national anthem. It's beautiful, peaceful, and fun to sing.


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