Saturday, May 25, 2013

I Am a Jewel, Gonna Shine on You

Augie does a lot of singing around here, sometimes quietly to himself and occasionally while trying to find accompanying notes on the piano or guitar.

One day he sang a tune he was learning in music class, and his face just lit up. Later Peter and I talked about how much this song (by Nancy Schimmel) might mean to a child not given so much positive reinforcement in life. 

I am a jewel, gonna shine on you
I am a jewel, gonna shine on you
Gonna shine on the world, gonna make it new
I am a jewel, gonna shine on you.

Every child is a one-of-a-kind,
Heart and soul, body and mind,
Born to grow and born to learn,
Born to give this world a turn.

We see the world with brand-new eyes,
To a baby, a bug is a big surprise.
Gonna be brand-new women and men
And discover this world all over again.

Some of us children been through a lot,
But don't you weep about what we're not,
Let us know we're fresh and fine,
And every child is gonna shine and shine.

A couple of weeks ago we watched dozens of shining kindergarten faces as they sang this song with great conviction at the school concert. Augie was so enthusiastic his mom says she could hear his voice over the others. (Only a sloppy sentimentalist will appreciate this, I'm sure, but my point is "Look how valuable music in the schools can be.")

Their second song featured a guest artist: Nicholas David from The Voice, whose son is in Augie's class. When Augie began singing "Lean on Me" around our house, he was surprised that we sang along with him. But it's a song we've always loved, and Nick David's first rendition on The Voice, with full gospel choir, was spectacular. What a treat to have him stand in with the kindergarten classes (and a few older instrumentalists) for this classic--which, by the way, also has a wonderful message.

And yes, I dropped the camera into my lap because I was so excited and ready to applaud!

Bottom line: (1) it was a wonderfully fun day for our family and many others, and (2) I hope music flourishes in the schools because it is an important vehicle for learning, self-expression, and communication. 

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