Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trick or treat!

Realtor Wes Cook is Mister November in the Men of York (Maine) calendar produced by the Chamber of Commerce to support local nonprofits. .

Halloween preparations? I bought two bags of candy in the past month and then ate nearly all of it. Not buying more! I did buy this little pumpkin, picked out by Augie. We'll probably draw designs on it tomorrow.. Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Friendship is golden

A month ago, we celebrated our silver anniversary with a golden weekend.

Golden because we drove to central Minnesota, where the trees were at peak fall color.

Golden also because we visited with old friends Carol and Michael, whom we hadn't seen for at least a couple of years (none of us could quite remember how long).

It was SO GOOD to see and spend time with them again.

For 13 years before I met Peter, Carol and Michael were like family to me. We met when I went to work in the office where she worked, and our friendship soon extended beyond working hours. We went to art fairs or hung out at their house talking about our lives, our families, our hopes and disappointments. Over time they added two adorable children to the mix, and I was included in quite a few family celebrations. I met their extended families, and they met mine. To this day, when Carol and Michael talk about their parents or siblings or nieces and nephews, I can picture them...just as they looked 30 years ago. Carol and I had season tickets for the ballet for about 30 years; often having dinner first so we could talk. Even when we no longer worked together (I left that office after 10  years), we could pick up on our conversations with the comfort than comes from a well-worn friendship.

They retired a few years ago and moved to their lake home, about 2.5 hours north. We could never understand how they could leave the city behind. But being there, with the golden light pouring in through the windows and with all the comfort and serenity they have built into their place, I began to understand the draw. I wouldn't want to commute as much as they do, but I get why they love it there. And while we were there we loved it, too.

It was in their living room that we were married 25 years earlier, so it was great fun to celebrate our anniversary with them. And we discovered that the resort where we stayed last summer...and where we plan to stay again next maybe an hour's drive from their place. The welcome mat will be out! Having finally gotten ourselves together again, we promised that we will not let years go by without seeing one another. Our friendship is too's golden.

(I didn't take pictures, so these photos are not mine.)


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