Thursday, February 9, 2012


Last Saturday we awoke to hoarfrost. I learned that it forms when the air is very moist or foggy and the temperature then drops below freezing. When the moisture in the air touches something - anything - it freezes in place.

The azalea buds, which form in the fall, have been growing, encouraged by our warm days. I hope the cold snap keeps them from opening prematurely. 

The barberry shrubs are a favorite photo subject after it snows. It was more difficult to capture the frost, and I was using the newer camera, which I haven't yet mastered. Time to reread a few sections of the manual!

Even the wind chime had its share of hoarfrost. Was it just me, or did the tiny ice formations seemed especially dagger-like and ferocious this time?

The prodigious blogger Connie, aka Far Side of Fifty, had posted especially striking pictures of frost and fog in northern Minnesota just the day before I took these.


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