Thursday, April 18, 2013

Make-Believe Spring

Sniffing flowers left her with an orange nose!
Two weeks ago we decided to cheer ourselves up by visiting the spring flower show at the conservatory in St. Paul's Como Park. It was a good decision. Great, even.

The minute we entered the Visitors Center and turned toward the conservatory, we could smell the sweet hyacinth, tulips, lilies, and other lovely blossoms. The air was warm and moist and on this day sun poured through the glass walls and ceiling of the sunken garden area where this show was installed. A perfect antidote to the pent-up frustration of Minnesotans tired of an over-long winter.

Pink callas, a favorite of mine
As I write this, by the way, it is 34 degrees F and sleeting. The weather people say we won't see 50 degrees for another week or ten days. The only thing more depressing than the weather is the constant complaining about the weather everywhere you go. But on this sunny day in early April, we enjoyed spring temps and colors to our hearts' content.


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