Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday's Word: Dapper

In the book Fancy Nancy's Favorite Fancy Words, from Accessories to Zany, D is for "Dapper."

Augie enjoys all word books, even one that includes "fiasco," "parasol," and "xenophile." His familiarity with "dapper" came in handy in persuading him to dress up for Auntie Becca's wedding this past week.

He has a decided preference for wearing only graphic t-shirts. No stripes, no polos, no button-shirts. I bought him some dress-up duds anyway--a shirt, vest, and pants outfit, which I figured would be more comfortable than a suit.

He told me he only wanted "regular clothes." We let it ride. A bit later Peter said, "Augie, I've got something to show you." Peter held the pants against Augie's waist and coaxed, "Put your hands in the pockets. Look, now you're cool like the big guys." A little grin appeared. I said, "These are your cool dapper clothes." The grin got a little bigger.

ViolaMae didn't have to be sold. She loves dresses, and dancing. She swirls and twirls and announces, "My dress is going around."

Mommy and Daddy got both children into dapper clothes for the rehearsal dinner and the wedding, and they looked--well, dapper, as you can see!

P.S. Yup, black eye. She fell down a flight of stairs a week before the wedding, but made a quick recovery from her nasty bumps and bruises. 


Anonymous said...

Ok. They are the cutest little dolls, ever! Makes me kinda want one. I'm with him about the t-shirt only policy though. Seriously.

Jeanie said...

He does look very dapper in those clothes. The black eye just adds to the sweetness of the picture. There is nothing cuter than little girs in summer dresses.

Allyson said...

Oh my goodness, they look SO dapper (please tell them that random people on the Internet are even saying they look dapper!). And 45000 points to you for teaching them words like dapper and fiasco and parasol (although they will probably never use a parasol...I really wish they would come back into style. What a classy accessory). I think children are a joy to be around when they grasp the English language before the age of 25.

I hear that children only fall down a flight of stairs once and then they never do it again. Is that true?

DJan said...

He looks incredibly dapper in the suit, and she looks like she met with a fiasco. But where's her parasol? (Just for fun using all three words.)

Great picture of them, and I did wonder about the eye and then, there was the explanation. I am a word person and love the fact that there are some of us in the next generation, too.

The mad woman behind the blog said...

Its official, I love your grandchildren.

Think we can set up your Augie with my Maddy?

OMG, did I just become a jewish grandmother? I think I did!

Them are some gorgeous kids. What fun.

Red Shoes said...

They are precious!!! How cool that you are teaching them great words!! They are adorable!!! I'm sorry she has a black eye... but from experience, my kids always wound up with things like that!


Grandmother Mary said...

Cute kids and adorable in their dapper duds! Doing things to help kids love words is doing good!

Deb Shucka said...

Beyond dapper straight into adorable!

Leah Rubin said...

Great strategy, and I love the word book. I'm going to have to get that for Zachary! He loves that sort of thing, too.

I never knew a couple of kids could look so precious-- even when one of them has a black eye!


Far Side of Fifty said...

He certainly is dapper, and Vi is beautiful even with a black eye..poor must have hurt:(

Cheryl said...

Oooh that's one heck of a shiner! They both look so angelic. He doesn't sit still much, does he? Looks like he's about to jump right out of that photo. Those duds are totally dapper.

Ms Sparrow said...

Remember when a common expression was, "What's the good word?" Well. now we know. A "good word" like dapper is worth a lot in the right circumstances. With his proficiency
with words, Augie just might wind up a writer someday--just like his grandma. Give those adorable kids a hug for me!

jshawflamm said...

What delightful, dapper children! Vi appears to have recovered quite nicely from her spill.


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