Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Memories...on someone else's tree!

Yesterday Connie, of Far Side of Fifty, posted a photo of a nice old ornament she'd found at an antique shop. The ornament featured Schumachers New Prague Hotel--which I recognized at once. It's where Peter and I spent the first night of our honeymoon just over 24 years ago.

That's us in the photo, with my lovely stepdaughter Abby, minutes after we were married in the living room of my best friends. If we look like we're in shock...we were. We met April 15, he asked me to marry him June 14, and we were married September 27. I've taken longer to pick out shoes. We were very practical about the whole thing. Couldn't take time off for a big honeymoon, so we headed for a two-day tour of southern Minnesota. (I went back to work on Monday and was still shaken. My employees threw me a little party and sent me home, where I spent a couple of days practicing the word "h-h-husband.")

In her post about the ornament, Connie provided some background on Schumachers, a historic small hotel with a wonderful restaurant. The restaurant featured Czech and German dishes prepared by the owner and fabulous chef John Schumacher. We had really enjoyed the food, and we went back for lunch or dinner several times before the hotel and restaurant closed in 2005.

But surprise...Connie's post said Schumachers had reopened. A quick Google search confirmed that the restaurant is back in business and the hotel has been remodeled (the twelve fairly small rooms are now six suites). The food will still include some European specialties but it will be lighter, a bit less expensive, and not designed to require a three-hour dining extravaganza--all good things, I'd say. Now that I know, I can't wait to get back there. And with our 25th anniversary coming up this year, we may need to check out the accommodations.

I'm so glad Connie decided to write about that ornament and that I was reading her blog! How about you...have you made a cool discovery while blogging?

P.S. Connie sent us the ornament and it now hangs on our Christmas tree every year! Thanks so much, Connie. 


Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi! I am so glad you found that your old Honeymoon spot has reopened..I did check out their suites and their rates..but they do not allow dogs:(

I thought it was way cool that someone actually knew the place and had stayed there!! :)

The mad woman behind the blog said...

What a delightful story and so wonderful for you. When we see City Hall in San Francisco, on rare trips into the city, we both get misty eyed.

What have I discovered: that you generous wonderful peeps of the blogosphere have a better sense of humor than my husband (and are wonderful and generous!)

injaynesworld said...

How romantic. And what fun it will be to revisit on your 25th anniversary.

I have discovered some amazing people and made some wonderful new friends here in the blogosphere. So glad I discovered you.

Holiday wishes!


Blogs said...

Happy Saturday Sharefest from SITS:) I haven't found anything interesting but it's cool you did:) How fun!!:)

Vanessa Rogers said...

Twenty-five years! Congrats! And you didn't know each other but six months before you married. Incredible.


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