Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving thanks, part two

It's no secret that Augie and Vi are at the top of my Things-I'm-Thankful-For list. I knew I would enjoy them, but I'm blown away by how much I love them. So what else comes to mind?

* Abby and Eric, who entrust their children to us regularly, and who in turn seem to appreciate everything we put into making our time together both fun and stimulating.

* Peter, who had the vision and foresight to want to do full-time daycare, long before the babies came along. And who has supplied the vision and foresight for many of our other adventures including saving the carousel and writing our book. Our talents complement one another in a way that makes us one very effective team when we set our minds to something.

* Blogging, a new creative outlet at many levels.

* Chocolate, dark.

* Sunshine. We haven't seen nearly enough of it during October and November, but December usually brightens up.

* Our good health (knock on wood). Aches and pains abound, but every day with no outright illness is a blessing.

* Christmas. I enjoy Thanksgiving, but I love Christmas. To me, Christmas begins on Friday (with list-making and putting wreaths on the doors and maybe a little shopping) and lasts until mid-January when we finally take down the last of the decorations and I give up on the notion of writing any more cards.

* Music. We both love music, and we're rediscovering it as we find new stuff to share with the kids. The kids are very musical, and Peter is turning out to be a very good teacher of music appreciation and skills. (Our bragging about their musicality goes on and on sometimes, and I catch myself thinking "we really need to shut up now.")

* Sleeping. I love sinking into my bed and pulling up the thick down comforter, and drifting off to sleep. So why am I still writing this at 2 a.m.? 'Cuz I'm a night person and 'cuz I can sleep in tomorrow morning. Wahoo!

That said, I really need to stop now.... Happy Thanksgiving!


gayle said...

All are wonderful things to be thankful for!! Oh!! the love for a grandchild!!
and keeping me young!!
You have a wonderful life!!

AiringMyLaundry said...

Nice list!

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


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