Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Grandchildren say the darndest things

I love (most of the time) the way kids pick up what they hear. Some weeks ago, Augie greeted his grandpa with, "So, how was your shopping?" He got himself in some trouble last week and stalled for time with, "Grandma and Pa, I have something to tell you." Oh, we said, what's that? A moment of thought, and then: "So, how is your day?"

Recently, he cracked up his mom at bedtime with, "Please don't leave, I'm begging you!" (Turns out that in "Do the Alphabet," Baby Bear says "I'm begging you" to Big Bird.)

This morning, Augie was making his way through our living room, which was so thick with toys that even he had to watch where he was going. "I'm losing my mind," I heard him say. No idea why.

Meanwhile, Vi is stepping up conversationally, too. Some of her meaning is obvious. "More oatmeal." "Yo-yo Ma" or "Ernie and Bert" (video choices). "Mali (our cat), where are you?"

Some requires translation. "Too" means "I want what Augie's having." "All done" used to mean "I'm finished eating" but now means, "You are done (sitting in that chair, or playing the drums, for example) and now it's my turn." This is gradually being replaced with "Vi turn," and, when she's had enough, "Augie turn."

One of my favorites is when she says something you don't quite understand. "Upsht baby pa gamma carry-you." So you try to clarify: You want to go upstairs? "Okay!" Now, you may have intended not to go upstairs, but she seems to think you invited her, so of course you go. She hands you the baby doll and says, "Up-hts mbld carry-you," and again you aren't sure so you ask: You want me to carry you? And she says, "Okay!" as if you just made the greatest suggestion.

It's exactly what Augie used to do, when his diction was still a little indistinct, and it still cracks me up every time.

Now, he knows words like "umbilicus," "nocturnal," and "Matt Nokes is a catcher who flies his own airplane."

BTW, in the photo above, Augie had just stacked all the tuna cans on top of the cat food cans on top of the counter. He likes it when the stack totals 20, but the cat insists on being fed, so it's often less. Augie seems to be adjusting to this situation.


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

When our grandkids visited us they always used to like the contents of our cupboards much more than any toys we bought for them!

Anonymous said...

If it helps Augie any, my wife's always telling me that even numbers don't work as well as odd numbers when it comes to groupings.... :)

Tracie said...


I get to translate those sayings every day at work.

Maryjo said...

There's nothing like having grandchildren...unconditional love and pure joy!

Allyson said...

If someone were to create a 4-year old to English dictionary, they'd be filthy stinkin rich. I could never have a conversation alone with my nieces because it was like playing charades. "OK...sounds like..." But there is also nothing more precious than that time right before they master their "r"'s. Oh sweet mercy.

JenJen said...

How fun! My son used to say:
hold you me
sweet babies...I miss those times.

Nancy/BLissed-Out Grandma said...

@Sallie - so true. Found objects make great toys.

@ Matthew - Visually, uneven numbers are almost always more interesting. I'm not sure whether Augie's OCD and likes things paired, or just not quite 3 and counting to 20 on his own was an achievement.

@ Tracie - You're probably an expert!

@ Maryjo - so true.

@ Allyson - I know, it's almost sad when they start talking like grownups. :-)

@ JenJen - "Hold you me" - I love it. It totally makes sense.

The Peach Tart said...

Those grandkids are adorable.

Kathy said...

Kids are so awesome. I don't have any grandchildren yet, but I can't wait. What gorgeous kids!


What adorable grandchildren they are!

p.s. Welcome to the SITS community!

gayle said...

I know how much fun you are having because we are having that much fun with our grandson!!

Anita said...

Your grandchildren make your heart melt, don't they! :)

Ann On and On... said...

Cute post. I somethings say things out of the blue too, but never sound as cute. :D

Welcome to SITS, it's great to have you!

I'm hosting a giveaway for a free YOU PICK pair of eyeglasses with your single vision prescription. FREE, I cool. Come on over.

FranE said...

I love it. My daughter was complaining that my 2 year old granddaughter was not talking. I don't know why she complains that the 4 year old won't stop. lol
Fun post.

Anonymous said...

Baby talk brings back some fond memories. I always tried to understand but never was good at it. LOL

Thanks for the comment on the blog about the Sharp Shinned Hawk.

I am happy to hear you are getting some good results with the feeder I recommended. We sure have been spending money right and left on raw peanuts and sunflower chips and pieces. Patty does the work now as I am no longer able to go outside. I do sneak out but catch the dickens for it when I get in.

LadyFi said...

Yep - kids are like sponges and absorb everything they hear.

Nancy said...

I love having conversations with my two-year-old grandson. He is so cute. He always pounds on my door when I'm visiting and in my bedroom - when I ask who's there - he says - Me! The Baby!

MrsBlogAlot said...

They are precious Nancy!

The translations are the best part! I still remember how my son used to say certain things "before".

They make for some awesome memories (-:

Jeanie said...

So, so cute. You are a lucky Grandma. My just turned two grandaughter pulled of her sock the other day and said "wook mommy, I have wingernails on my woot" I love when they are just figuring things out and use the words they know to get their thought across to you.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Love the little ones..our grands are much older..our baby is eight..but I have little great nieces and nephews next door..I love them so, they are always a bright spot in my day.
Beautiful are very lucky to be able to care for them. You are also very lucky with their speech..little Aubrey next door was born with a cleft lip and palete..we try our best with sign language with her..someday she may speak.:)


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