Sunday, July 28, 2013

Notes to Myself...

Dear Self,

There's a commercial that says more photos are taken with an iPhone than any other camera. Even if that's true (and who knows, really?), that doesn't mean you should make a habit of it.

You have taken photos and video using your iPhone, and you know the quality just isn't there, especially in dim light.

You've invested in three nice SLR that would do a great job if you bothered to learn more about its features, a high-definition video camera that is light-weight and fun to use, and the little point-and-shoot that tucks into your purse and performs especially well indoors.

Kindly carry and use them if you want decent photos and video that you can post.

Snarkily yours,
The voice that says, "Really? You're gonna be satisfied with that?"

* * *

Dear Self,

Your husband turns 65 in August and is enrolled in Medicare effective August 1. When he was officially accepted and also lined up his supplemental plan, you suggested a celebration.

Since you retired two-and-a-half years ago, you've been on Medicare and he, being younger, has been covered under a COBRA continuation of your work plan. It's been a little expensive, but it's a good plan and totally worth it to have him insured.

No wonder you want to celebrate. The two of you were both wise and lucky. You found out that you were eligible for 36 months of continuation coverage instead of the 18 months someone tried to limit you to. You figured out just how long you needed to work to keep him insured until he turned 65. Though you'd have liked to retire sooner, you stuck it out. Now you're happy to be retired. And happy that he has had insurance and therefore has gotten whatever care he has needed. While you're at it, you're happy that you have both stayed pretty healthy to this point, knock on wood. So yes, Self: You and Peter worked hard and played it smart and you've been lucky, and that's worth celebrating. Every day.

Gratefully yours,
The voice that likes to remind you to take time to appreciate and be thankful.

* * *

Dear Self:

Please stop eating cookies at the computer. The other day you spent nearly an hour shaking crumbs out of the keyboard. It's still not completely clean.

The little voice that wishes to note that now there are crumbs on the floor.


DJan said...

Oh Nancy, I loved this! I may steal the idea and post a couple of conversations I've had with my Self. :-)

stephen Hayes said...

An interesting post but you've omitted an important element---what type of cookies. Ha!

Indigo Roth said...

Hey Nancy! A celebration of hard work, thoughtful planning, and good luck? That sounds very sensible. Always be grateful for what you have. Indigo x

Jeanie said...

It sounds like a celebration is definitely in order....and don't forget to take a real camera along to take a really good picture of the festivities.

troutbirder said...

I don't do self criticism. Reminds me too much of Stalinism. Now reminding oneself of a few choices you made that turned out well is always a confidence builder....:)

Ms Sparrow said...

When I was still working a the insurance company, I always ate my lunch in my little cubicle. I had to shake the crumbs our of my keyboard too. When I retired, I resolved that I would never eat by the computer. Now, all I have to clean out of it is cat hair and dust!

Jeanie said...

Ah, our notes to ourselves are important -- and a celebration sounds like it definitely is on the agenda. This post made me smile in so many ways! I loved it!

Anonymous said...

Interesting post, ya most of the hd images available today are taken through cellphones....

AiringMyLaundry said...

Ha, I understand about the crumbs. I'm guilty of the same thing!

Green Monkey said...

Nancy that was GREAT!!!

don't eat cookies at the keyboard and no crying at the keyboard. my laptop has been snap, crackle, popping for almost a week now. I don't know if its the cookies or the tears that did it.

I remember when my friend Jay got his iphone (he was the first person I knew with one). He was bragging about the camera and I said that there was no way people were going to use a phone camera. dumb ass I am. I have gotten lazy in the photo department. Stopped lugging my big camera around and settling for poor quality phone pictures. I also blame instagram.

Unknown said...

Great notes -- especially the first one! A phone is a phone, it is not a camera and it shows in the quality!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Yes use you good camera! Good conversations you have with yourself..I enjoyed them..mine are always more riddled with cuss words...:)

Sally Wessely said...

Hey, wait a minute. Did I just write this post myself, or do you and I have a lot more thoughts in common than I thought?

I too carry only the iPhone and want photos that look better than they do. I too have some nice cameras. One of them cost my husband big buck. It is one I always wanted. Why don't I get it out and use it?

Like you, we also had to figure out all that COBRA stuff, pay the price, and keep working until just three weeks before the COBRA ended. Phew. That worked out perfectly. Turning 65 has its rewards.

Friko said...

Hi dear you,

I came because I liked your reply to DJan’s question. Now I see that I like how you speak to yourself too.

I think your little voices are very sensible and you should certainly listen to them.

Jayne Martin said...

First of all big congrats! Good planning. And now you're still young and healthy enough to enjoy your retirement. I get my Medicare next April and you betcha I'll be celebrating. As for photos, I love my Sony Cybershot. Still using my 7 year old Nokia flip phone for cell service. And hey-- your vacation photos were great!

Gardening with Juanita said...

I love this post. You are right the kids gave me a camera for Christmas, this is the second one they have given me.I have taken thousand of my garden, I am no expert yet but I am learning every day.

Jenny said...

I love this!

What a fun post!

You're soooo right on picture quality on the Iphones, too!

California Girl said...

OMG, I know what you're saying. I turn 62 this year, still work in broadcast sales full time, have always worked for companies who provide insurance and I hope to stick it out til I'm at least 65.


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