Saturday, May 25, 2013

I Am a Jewel, Gonna Shine on You

Augie does a lot of singing around here, sometimes quietly to himself and occasionally while trying to find accompanying notes on the piano or guitar.

One day he sang a tune he was learning in music class, and his face just lit up. Later Peter and I talked about how much this song (by Nancy Schimmel) might mean to a child not given so much positive reinforcement in life. 

I am a jewel, gonna shine on you
I am a jewel, gonna shine on you
Gonna shine on the world, gonna make it new
I am a jewel, gonna shine on you.

Every child is a one-of-a-kind,
Heart and soul, body and mind,
Born to grow and born to learn,
Born to give this world a turn.

We see the world with brand-new eyes,
To a baby, a bug is a big surprise.
Gonna be brand-new women and men
And discover this world all over again.

Some of us children been through a lot,
But don't you weep about what we're not,
Let us know we're fresh and fine,
And every child is gonna shine and shine.

A couple of weeks ago we watched dozens of shining kindergarten faces as they sang this song with great conviction at the school concert. Augie was so enthusiastic his mom says she could hear his voice over the others. (Only a sloppy sentimentalist will appreciate this, I'm sure, but my point is "Look how valuable music in the schools can be.")

Their second song featured a guest artist: Nicholas David from The Voice, whose son is in Augie's class. When Augie began singing "Lean on Me" around our house, he was surprised that we sang along with him. But it's a song we've always loved, and Nick David's first rendition on The Voice, with full gospel choir, was spectacular. What a treat to have him stand in with the kindergarten classes (and a few older instrumentalists) for this classic--which, by the way, also has a wonderful message.

And yes, I dropped the camera into my lap because I was so excited and ready to applaud!

Bottom line: (1) it was a wonderfully fun day for our family and many others, and (2) I hope music flourishes in the schools because it is an important vehicle for learning, self-expression, and communication. 

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stephen Hayes said...

Your post reminds me that far too many people let machines sing for them instead of singing for themselves, and I think this is rather sad. My uncles used to bring out their guitars at parties and sing a variety of songs and all the adults knew the words and sang along.

Teresa Evangeline said...

What a beautifully affirming message on the power of music. Those lyrics would make the heart of any child, of any age, sing. So good to know this is happening in at least one school. Music can change the world, and probably has...:)

Jenny said...

You put a smile on my face. I'm going to my granddaughter's choir concert this Tuesday and this really gives me something to anticipate. Darling children! xo Jenny

Jeanie said...

As one who benefited tremendously from music (and arts/drama) in schools, I cannot support this enough. But what I think the real message is, is that Augie clearly felt accomplished and valued and this song reinforced this -- and nothing ia important than that. I'm glad he has found that special niche in his early ed -- starting early makes a huge difference.

DJan said...

Boy, you do sound like a blissed-out grandma today! I love music in school and you reminded me of being in the glee club long ago. I learned some songs I've never forgotten. :-)

Ms Sparrow said...

I heartily agree with everything you say! Like Djan, I learned songs in high school choir and glee club that I still remember word-for-word, and some of them I've never heard since! Music in schools pays benefits far into the future and according to experts, increases the brain's potential for learning. (I love how Augie stands so casually with hand in pocket.)

Sally Wessely said...

This was just great. Thanks for sharing.

Leah Rubin said...

How wonderful! And what those messages give to the children who need them most! I think I recognize Augie on the end, with his lovely smile, looking right at you in the first song, especially!

I'm a big believer in the power of music!

Grandmother Mary said...

Yes, indeed look how valuable music is. We don't even understand its healing property never mind its ability to inspire so many emotions. Augie looked so confident and cool.

Debra at HOMESPUN: said...

Wonderful and inspiring post! :)

Granny-Guru said...

Even though I had music in choir at church, I always loved singing in music class at school. It's hard for teachers to do everything, but music is such an important contribution to education and life skills. A musical education used to be one of the three skills computer employers looked for (computer science, language or music).

Unknown said...

What a great post -- thank you for sharing! You are right about the words to that first song -- I'm not sure all children know they shine. Our granddaughter starts band next year and I can't wait for the concerts!

Nancy Schimmel said...

What a treat to hear and see these kids singing my song, "I Am a Jewel." I haven't searched my name for a long time and I'm glad I did tonight. Thanks for posting this. I"m putting it right on facebook.

Nancy Schimmel said...

What a treat to hear these kids singing my song, "I Am a Jewel."


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