Sunday, June 12, 2011

My grandkids could have painted that....

As a matter of fact, they did. As part of ViMae's birthday celebrations, we gave each of them large-grip paint brushes and spill-proof paint cups. We poured in modest amounts of washable tempera paint, fashioned smocks out of garbage bags, and stood by with paper towels and a wet cloth. They both had a great time. Correction: We all had a great time!

ViMae has been using circular strokes in her drawing and writing lately, and we were pleased to see her begin with bold ovals that filled the page. She filled them with thick swirls of color upon color (see above).

Augie loved the green paint (which we mixed from blue and yellow, to their great delight), and he used it to establish an initial shape for most of his paintings. He said he was making pizza, and he added layer after layer of new ingredients (right).

When I asked Vi what she was making, she said firmly, "A pattern." Personally, hers reminds me of a vase and his a salad. and I love them both.

How about one more pair. At left, Pattern II by ViMae. Below right, Augie's I Think it Looks Like a Shark.

Augie's preschool teacher compared his technique and style to abstract expressionist Jackson Pollock (1912-1956) (two of Pollock's works at left). She hopes to introduce Augie to this work, to give him a connection to the art world. At first, I thought, "Bad idea." But Augie lovingly "played" the piano after watching Dr. John. He watches drummers, from Gene Krupa to Keith Moon to Karen Carpenter, and then produces his own music, inspired by theirs. Looking at Jackson Pollock's work will not diminish his own.

That's something we love and admire about both kids. Their art - like their music and their lives - is bold and free and bursting with color. It fills the page - it doesn't cower in the corner the way my timid little drawings did. In fact, I'm thinking of buying the same tools for myself so I can newly explore my own artistic side.

If you're doing this at home, the oversized brushes and spill-proof cups help, and we will use the cups even if we switch to daintier brushes. Also, we are going to try pieces of cardboard instead of paper. It will give them a bit larger canvas and will stand up to the great globs of paint they like to apply! FYI, the brushes and cups are by Melissa and Doug and the washable tempera set is by Crayola.

P.S., Thank you to all who commented so beautifully on my post about my dad. I'll be away from computers for the next couple of days as we bid him a final farewell. 



Grandmother Mary said...

How wonderful that you encourage free expression for their art. I like their use of color. We had a similar series of finger paints with my grandchildren when they were younger and they ended up covered in paint (literally) but deliriously happy. Works for me.
Be kind to yourself for the next couple of days. Peace to you and your family.

Jeanie said...

Great fun and great art....suitable for framing I would say.

Anita said...

Their art IS very expressive. What a great way to spend time with them.

I have always enjoyed seeing my kids engrossed in art, crafts, games, and reading. And I like to join in, too!

injaynesworld said...

Hey, those are pretty darn good. It's so nice to see kids painting with actual brushes and paints and not on a computer.

And my sympathies on the passing of your father. Hugs...

Sally Wessely said...

I love their art, and I think you should join them in exploring your own artistic side.

We will think of you with loving thoughts for peace and comfort for the next few days.

DJan said...

Wow! I think Augie's "salad" looks like a garden. But they are all quite interesting and free flowing. Thanks so much for sharing them!

Teresa Evangeline said...

That is Exactly what this world needs; more budding artists. Art matters, and how great it is to teach that early and with a hands on approach. Anything is Possible.

Unknown said...

What a wonderful thing to do with children. It gives them a chance to express themselves and have fun. Love those works of art!

Julie Magers Soulen Photography

Anonymous said...

As someone married to an artists who also teaches art to children, I can only applaud and enjoy this posting.

Nice to be back in the Blogworld after 6 months away. :)

Indigo Roth said...

Hey Nancy! Augie's a talented lad. That fourth one's a doozy, and I'd happily hang it on my wall. Indigo x

Deb Shucka said...

I love their art! And you've made me want to do some finger painting of my own. :-)

Sending prayers your way as you say goodbye to your dad.

gayle said...

The kids have done a wonderful job! You are an awesome grandma! So glad you posted the name of the paint brushes and paint. I should get some for Bryson!

Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs said...

Ha! I love that from ViMae: "A pattern." That's one smart cookie. Awesome art for displaying and enjoying. Thanks for sharing!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Looks like fun to me! They are both very can scan some of their "artwork" and then print them out as 4X6 photos for them to put in a scrapbook!
I am thinking of you and your family:)

Gombojav Tribe said...

I love having my kids paint! They make such a terrific mess and I find the whole thing very entertaining!

What a fun Grandma you are!!!

(btw, visiting from BPOTW!)

grammy said...

Love the pictures (o:
My little 3 year old GD mixes so much together that it turns brown....ugly brown....but she will not take my advice. She wants it that way (o:
Butcher paper has worked pretty good for us.

I was so touched to read your post about your dad. He sounds so much like my Father in law. Strong... but so willing to let his wife direct life. maybe that was just the way it worked then. My dad died when i was three...and my mom never I don't know.
My MIL is going through the congestive heart failure. She was in the hospital for more than a month and home now....but she is 89 and not doing that great. It is wearing my FIL to a frazzle and will knock him down soon if things don't change. We are 700 miles away, but have been out there once during this. I think they need to get off of their 3 acres in MO and move to assisted Living.... now one seems able to make that happen.

Anyway, bless your heart. No matter the is hard to deal with the death of a parent.


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