Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Funny video of Macalester College president

Who would ever think that a Dickens scholar and college president would have the sense of humor to "star" in a video like this one? It's gotten nearly 24,000 hits on YouTube since it was posted on President's Day.

President's Day at Macalester College


The Good Cook said...

That was brilliant! So much fun when an administrator has a sense of humor.

Kat said...

I really enjoyed that. Thanks for telling us about it.

Tracie said...

In a way it is surprising because you would expect him to be serious. On the other hand most funny people are very smart so it makes sense.

gayle said...

That was fun!!

Allyson said...

Oh that was hysterical. I LOVED all the different ways they "painted" him in the art class! I love it when people in power have a sense of humor about it...especially in that "The Office" sort of way. Thanks for sharing. I'm absolutely certain I would have never seen it any other way. Also, it now has over 27,000 views! ;)


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