Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day...

is rarely as sunny and beautiful as today. We've had a whole string of beautiful days, which helps offset the sad fact that daylight hours are getting shorter.

Beginning this week, I am working only 20 hours a week--one full day and two long afternoons. I'll be here to participate with "Pa" in daycare two mornings and two full days every week, hurray!

That may be why I have a sudden, unprecedented interest in window-washing, a task we've successfully ignored much of the time. Another trigger may be the fact that a couple of weeks ago, I bought $100 worth of cleaning products from, er, a door-to-door sales person. One big selling point was how they cleaned glass and, because of a surfactant, protected against new smudges.

That remains to be seen, but my investment did get me up on a ladder washing windows, and I'm going out now to do some more. Amazing how much more light comes through a clean window!

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