Sunday, September 13, 2009

Augie's baseball card

Weeks ago, Peter decided to make Augie a baseball card to match the Saints set, and to have it ready the day the Saints set came out. We got a copy of the art (thanks, Jim) and spent a little over a week masking photos (me) and creating the card (Peter). We obsessed, because "anything worth doing is worth overdoing."
On the front is a photo Eric took on his cellphone one day when our friend took them into the dugout so Augie could try on catcher's gear (thanks, Lamarr).On the back, Augie is wearing the catcher's mask that Pa made for him. It's starting to show the wear and tear of a well-loved piece of gear.

The day the cards were given out, we got extra packs (thanks, Derek) and took two to the kids' house, with Augie's card slipped in. Peter tossed one pack to Eric, whose face lit up when he saw Augie's card. Meanwhile, Peter showed cards to Augie, who would name players he knew and then drop the card on the floor and look at the next one. "Alex... Kyle... Augie... Tony...." No big deal. Doesn't every kid have a card? Isn't Augie on the team? In fact, doesn't he own the place?
I'm also posting the photo I took in summer '08, which Pa used on Augie's "rookie card." It may be my all-time favorite photo. Of anyone. Ever. So far.

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